Fiona and Fiona Phelps participted in the Silver Boot challege this year, riding from The Steading all the way to Glen Clova, north of Dundee with a packpony.
Our packpony wears a Western style packsaddle, made by Paul Carpenter, our local leather craftsman

Here they are setting off with Rowan, the pack pony used on this trip.

Setting off on day 2 - still raining ! The weather did improve by days 3and 4 of their trip which took them through Glen Avon and Lochnagar distillery. They camped out at loch Muick in the eye of an incredible thunder and lightening storm and made it to Glen Clova after 6 days in the wild !
A one day ride back to meet up with Cal and transport home. Unfortunately Rowan had an accident on the journey home. We all hope very much that she makes a full recovery.

Cal in Glen Doll - While doing a recce on foot before riding the route Cal met these little ponies, living wild. The two Fiona's didn't anticpate that Rowan, the packpony, would run off with them - Wild West style horsewomanship was required to sort that one out !