We are working out the logistics of running team building days for up to 8 persons fully participating and others who can participate on foot, perhaps to build up their trust in our horses before coming out riding one day !

The day will run as follows :
Start in the morning at 9am for coffee and a briefing in the Goats' barn to include road safety and basic map reading skills.
Meet the horses, already tacked up and ready to go. Riding assesments can be carried out in an outdoor sand school and then we're ready to go ! 4 persons will ride out for 2-3 hours to reach Dallas Dhu distillery. They will be responsible for map reading and the wellbeing of their team mates. Fiona will escort the riders, ensuring their safety and that their map reading is up to scratch !

The other 4 persons, and any not wishing to ride will learn how to pack up the packpony with our picnic lunch and equipment for tethering horses at the distillery. They will then hike out, leading the pack pony with Cal to supervise their handling skills and camaraderie !

The day should end around 6pm with a cup of tea while the horses eat and finally returning the horses to their field.