from Findhorn beach on the East coast of Scotland, all the way to the KNoydart penninsula on the West coast more ...
This ride has been a long time in the planning and took place in July 2011. However due to traffic incidents and horrendous weather (with the golf open at Castle Craig washed out)the ride had to end at Fort Augustus this year.

However, the plan now is to ride from Fort Augustus on to KNoydart later in 2011 or eary in 2012. Money has been raised to support the charity "" and a big THANKYOU to all who donated !

The "just giving" website for donations is open until 2016 and so we hope that donations will keep coming and we promise to make it to Knoydart ASAP.

The Team : Satinka, ridden by Fiona
Big D with Michaela and Shirley
Bob with Abi and then Carolien
Breagha with Sandy, and then as packpony.

Marv did the first day only, and lost a shoe !